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Collect moments, not things.



Originating my creative pursuit through picture framing, I was lucky to see so many beautiful pieces come through from Australian photographers. So, I bought a camera and started making my own, Little River Collections was born. Starting out capturing rural scenes and landscapes is where I had first developed my style. I would describe it as emotional, intimate, moody and rich. I love to capture the essence of a person, their mannerisms, the way they look at you, when they smile with their eyes, the little things that you notice and makes them who they are. Contact me via the link at the top for any photography needs.


 All photography provided by Bridgette Nicol



Bridgette's work has been published in the following:

Graziher Summer Magazine 2017, Graziher Autumn Magazine 2017, ANMJ (Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal)